The Alberta Beach Activities Active 50+ Club is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.  We are always looking for more ways to service our community.  If you have any ideas please drop in for a cup of coffee, 5012 – 49 Avenue (behind hotel) – or just send us an email here.  


Our Board of Directors is proud of our club Mandate:

1.  To promote interaction within the Membership and strengthen bonds of friendship.
2.  To foster and develop an attitude of concern for the welfare of all members.
3.  To provide an atmosphere of security and well-being.
4.  To provide entertainment, recreational activities and a facility for members.
5.  To promote awareness and interest in community programs and projects.

The majority of the programs are offered in our Alberta Beach Heritage Centre (5012 – 49 Avenue, next to the Cultural Village behind the Alberta Beach Hotel) and is a great place for participating in an assortment of activities and leagues.

We offer many activities, hamburger nights and special dinners and breakfast events.  Our Centre is very active and we are pleased to have lots of people attending our events during the morning, afternoons, evenings and weekends.



We’re a small country hall that is large enough to accommodate up to 150 people.

We pride ourselves as a small community with a huge heart open to our residents.

If you have a special event for your own family and friends, please visit the Hall Rental page here for more information and how to book your event.

Become an active member of the Alberta Beach Activities Active 50+ Club and take a membership out today. For membership details visit the Membership page here.